Monday, July 18, 2011

So Long, So Longs!

All of my life, I had horrible, short, stubby nails.  I bit them to the quick.  My mom would beg me to stop biting them.  Mom had the most gorgeous nails;  long and strong.  I would try, but would end up chewing them off.

Now I have learned to stop biting them.  I care for them... way better than my mom did.  She'd be really proud of me, now!  So it's a bit amusing that when I can finally have really long, strong, pretty nails, I land a job that requires short ones.  Okay, nobody is forcing me to have short nails, but when you're a typist, it just doesn't work.  For kicks I checked out YouTube and looked for "Typing with long nails" and well, most were women with nails as long as they were tall.  Nails so long they were ringlets.  And women do type with them.  I was hoping for a more realistic 'how to type with long fingernails' video showing the everyday gal with long nails, typing away.  Oh well. I simply cannot do it.  So last night, I removed my polish, and (eek) cut my nails.  I still have some left:
That's as long as I can let them go before I start making typo after typo.  Not only can't I type, I can't go anything.  They get in the way of everything. I even sliced my nose the other day trying to scratch my eyebrow.  They had to go.

I can still polish them.  I can still marble them, and dot them.  I'll also be able to type a lot faster, again.  In my line of work, typos are a SIN, and Spell Check doesn't cut it.  One thing I can do is let my thumb nails stay long.  Silly I know.  Whatever.

As always, thanks for reading!
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Stay polished!

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