Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Less Is Much More!

Two posts in one day!

I am still on my dots kick.  Probably always will be, but as much as I love them, no matter what color or size, sometimes less is more.

As I have said before, once you start adding dots to your marbles - or any mani - you can get very carried away.  When you look and are satisfied, STOP.  Please... well, okay;  add those pink ones but then please - no more!

Yesterday, after I completed my water marble, I had to admit that it was not the prettiest one I have done.  Still, it took some time, and it wasn't horrible.  AH:  add some dots.

In my tutorial, Water Marble Tutorial... Kind Of., I mentioned that if you happen to get a design that you simply don't like that you can just marble over it.  It works... 99% of the time.  Sometimes the powers that be give me a double ugly marble.  I was hot, tired, fed up, and just decided to let it dry.  "Dot's will fix it!"  Well, yes... and no... see for yourself:
Truly, a hot mess.

See the bubbles?  Sometimes I like them.  Not this time.  In the second photo, you can see how the heat of the day made the polish melt together.  I am still learning girls, and lesson learned is either do marbling inside on HHH days or wait until it's cooler outside.  Adding dots.  Look that the photo on the right.  Overkill.  More to come, kids!  This is what NOT to so with your dotting tool:

♪♫ I'm so dizzy, my head is spinnin.'♫♪

It's so much fun to add dots, and so hard to stop.  This is overkill.  This is what you should not do.  The first time you are satisfied with the dots... this is your stop sign.  Put the dotting tool down.  Do not pick it up.  Even if your creative eye is screaming for "just two in that naked spot" -  Don't go there.

Lesson learned, the hard way.

Until next time... thanks for reading and stay polished!

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