Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Already sixteen days into 2013!

With a new year, we all want to start fresh, right?  Well, I am going to start a bunch of things this year.  As I said in my previous post, my nails (and this blog) have been neglected due to illness.  I'm on the mend and I figured, "why not share my progress?"  My nails look horrible.  They are in rotten shape.  But, even with a tiny bit of TLC, they already look much better.

Today is week one in a series that will show the progression from neglected, short, stubby, and ugly nails, to what I hope are the lovely squovals I had.  I will share photos and everything that happens with them, though I will only be sharing my left hand - it's hard to photograph both as I am doing this myself and my kid is using my tripod.  Exciting, huh?  Well, it'll be fun to see the progress, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Let's begin at the beginning!

I looked at my sorry nails this morning and felt so disgusted with myself.  I take pride in my nails.  A few of my friends have even said, "Oh, my God!  What happened to your nails!?"

Ragged, discolored, uneven and filled with ridges.

The only nice nail

I began by filing them all way down.  Then it was time to get rid of those awful ridges and cuticles. 
After the cuticle remover (Sally's Problem Cuticle Remover is the best) was rinsed, a drop of Neutrogena Sesame Oil on each nail was applied.  I think I heard them sing.  What a difference!
Before                                                                  After
I'm really glad that I have decided to share my progress with you.  I will be back on the 23rd with a photo update.  I'll include the "After" photo, seen above, with next weeks updated photo for comparison.

Well, I'm off to have another cup of coffee and look for a color that might look good on nubby nails.  Any suggestions?

Until next time,
Stay polished, lovelies!

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