Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still Seeing Dots Before My Eyes!

Good Morning!

First of all, I must confess;  my latest mani is a blatant theft of another mani I saw online.  The moment I saw it, I knew it would be my next one to try.  I really don't know why I'm on such a dot kick, lately.  I am having fun with the new dotting tools, I must admit.
It was a lot harder to do than I thought, even with the knowledge that my right hand would look a lot worse than my left.  Funny thing is, my right hand looks better than my left!  And not because I knocked my left thumb against my dresser, either!  I almost cried when I did that.  Still, it's not a horrible mark, so I didn't sweat it.  I did learn a few things in doing this one.  "Take your time -- but hurry."  The polishes tend to get very tacky when on the plate (my palate is a paper plate)

All things being said, while I like how it turned out, I'm not in love with it. It looks sloppy, and I know I could have done a better job.  I did it way too fast.  I will try this one again, though, and instead of starting the dots at the bottom and working my way up, I will start in the center and dot out from there.

Here is the recipe:


One paper plate
Two dotting tools, a #2 and a #4

Base is OPI NEOF
One coat of ORLY Rubberized Bonder

Base color: China Glaze Recycled
China Glaze - White On White
China Glaze - White On White mixed with OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape (use dotting tool to mix on plate - one drop of each color)
Sally Hansen - Green With Envy
Sally Hansen - Green With Envy mixed with China Glaze - Holly Jolly
China Glaze - Holly Jolly
Sinful Colors - Black On Black

After all of the dotting was done, I let it dry for ten minutes. I then put on one coat of China Glaze - Fairy Dust, then added Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. Next time, I'll leave the Fairy Dust off.  It takes away from the dots.

I love gradiations of color... on anything!  I hope to perfect this and will try it out with different colors. 

Until Next Time -

Stay Polished!


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