Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Slight Delay and A Bit of Filing.

Good morning, lovelies!

First of all, I'm sorry that I have not updated.  I had some surgery just over a week ago and the recovery has been painful.  I'm fine, but just needed to have it done.  I am ordered to my recliner for another five weeks, so I will just have to have my mani stuff moved closer to my chair!

A few things.  I went into the hospital with my nails done in a pink water marble.  I did not get a chance to take photos, but they were really nice.  And... (this is MY blog.  If I want to start sentences with 'AND', I can... so now.  NYAH.) they were the longest I have ever been blessed to have them!  I owe that to taking Biotin.  A vitamin supplement.  More on that in a few.

I had so many people:  Nurses, techs, other patients and even a doctor comment on my nails.  On my first night there, I was walking the halls and a nurse stopped me.  Another nurse passed by, but then stopped and approached us.  I kid you not, within five minutes I had a pow-wow right there in the hall with three nurses and a fellow patient listening to me explain the water marbling process.  I felt like a goddess, dragging my IV pole!  Okay, I felt like crap, but even through the drug induced hazy pain, I felt like a goddess.  I even made a few new friends.  Who said an obsession with nail polish is unhealthy?

Like I said in my introductory blog, my nails were not something I was proud of for most of my life.  About eight months ago I started losing my hair.  Not badly, but enough to mention it to my doctor.  He said it was due to stress and to try a vitamin supplement: Biotin.   I did.  Not only did my hair stop falling out, my skin cleared up, and the best part;  my nails grew in thicker and harder than they ever had before! Thank you, Dr. K!  This is what I take:
I take one 5,000mcg twice a week

Of course, I don't recommend you just run out and buy some... run it past your doctor.  I get mine through   It's less expensive, there.  Funny, because I was flipping through Sophie's YouTube videos and found this: 
This is a fantastic video from Sophie.  Guess I'm not the only one that knows how wonderful Biotin is!  Anyway...

Getting back to the issue;  For the first time in my life, I have had to file my nails down because they were too long.  I know!! That's exciting!  Well, it is for this girl, who has always either bitten them, or they simply peeled away.  There is one little glitch that I failed to mention... and maybe you can give me some advice.  About a week before I entered the hospital for my surgery, I noticed that my left middle nail had a crack.  A horizontal crack right at the quick.  DAMN.  So, I removed my polish and gently did my routine.  With the nail cleaned and nourished with the day's application of Avoplex (done hours earlier), I applied one coat of OPI Nail Envy Maintenance.  I then took a little strip of tea bag that I cut earlier, and applied it.  I then applied a coat of Seche Vite.  When it was completely dried, I buffed it, as there were some rough areas, and repeated the OPI and the Seche, and then did that pink water marble.   I have to say, it lasted 8 days.  I had come home from the hospital and three days later, my water marble was looking rather ratty, so I removed it all except for that cracked nail.  I painted them a pink color and it looked rather cute; just my repaired nail hiding under a water marble!  

Two days ago, however, while trying to re-apply the tea paper, it tore even wider.  I took a deep breath, and just pulled (GASP...I know!!) off, completely.  It's not all bad.  That' when I decided to file all of my nails down.  I buffed them and then put on some of my favorite polish;  OPI's Here Today, Aragone Tomorrow.  I again, am so pleased:

See my middle finger?  That's the one that I ripped off.  Not horrible... right?

This recent filing and mani has brought me to the final conclusion that I am not ever going to have really long nails.  I find that they start to look really bad the longer they get.  They curl.  So, I am happy with this length, and if they grow a bit more, so be it.  My nails are simply not cut out (snort) to look like Sophie's.   I wish they were, but you know, it's alright.  I'm happy with them like this.  For me, this is long.  

So, I will bask in my Here Today, Gone Tomorrow glory today, as I sit in my recliner and recover. I can smile because I have finally found the system that works for me.  My mom used to always beg me to stop biting my nails.  "You could have such beautiful hands..."  she say in a defeated voice.  I hope she can see me from her Heavenly abode.  No, Ma,  my hands aren't beautiful, but dammit, may nails are.

Until next time, 

Don't bite!


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