Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kyoto Pearl by OPI

I received this also from my son, Alex. I love pearls... real ones and polishes.

I had a terrible time applying this. I found it to be very thick for a pearl. Coverage was temperamental to say the least. Two coats did not cover. Also as with any pearl polish, there are the stroke lines, which I expected and was fine with, until I applied my third coat. It shows every brush imperfection like loud sirens. I also put a coat of Seche Vite on them and that only made things worse. If there is any polish that you do not want the Seche brush to touch, it's with this... and I suppose this rings true as with any pearl polish: Let the drop of Seche cover the polish and use the brush to direct it; do not let the brush touch the wet polish! Plus, it bubbled.

I think if I use this polish on it's own again, I will lay a creme white base coast down, first. I'll probably just save this one for marbles, though. It did marble very well... surprise, surprise!

All in all, I'm not too happy with this one. Love the color, just not the results. Oh well, you can't win em' all! Until next time,

Don't bite!


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