Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's Not Always So Black & White!

Hello again!

As I lay awake coughing and waiting for the Nyquil to kick in last night, my mind started drifting to my next mani idea.  I still love the dots, and thought I would try to do white nails with black, greys and browns.  Then, I changed my mind;  Black with white, brown and grey dots.  I was torn.  Then, my last memory before I finally drifted into my medicated sleep was 'why not do both?  Now, shall I alternate between black and white nails or ..."  Asleep.  After having a good breakfast, and enjoying my SatSoap (Eastenders) this morning, I had it.  One hand white.  One hand black.  Why not?

So, on my left hand I started with my usual base of OPI Nail Envy Original Formula.  Letting that dry for a few moments, I began with China Glaze - White On White;  2 coats followed by one coat of Seche Vite.  I let that hand dry for ten minutes.  Then, onto my right hand, the same OPI NEOF, and then two coats of Sinful Colors - Black On Black (Yes, I too giggled at that; two different brands of polish using the same name... ahem...moving along...) and again a coat of SV.  Allowed that to dry for ten minutes.

Then the fun began!  Using my same dotting tools that I used in Hot For Dots!, I began with my white hand and using the largest ball, put two black dots on the corner and side of my thumb and each nail. I again just wanted the side and corners to have dots.  Using the next size smaller ball, I used Zoya Trixie, which is a very metallic silver, and placed two more dots. Next, one size smaller, was China Glaze - Recycle - a light grey shade. 2 dots.  One size smaller ball, OPI - Barefoot In Barcelona - 3 dots. Finally using the smallest ball, I put 3-4 dots of OPI - Over The Taupe.  I let it dry for five minutes.

-- Let me just break in here for a sec. Since this is only my second time using dotting tools, I have yet to find a decent surface to putting those drops of polish onto.  Today, I used the back of one of my husband's birthday cards!  That worked out very well!  Next time I hit the grocery store, I'm picking up a pack of small paper plates.  DO NOT use Styrofoam plates.  The polish will melt them, and it's not a pretty sight... or smell.  PAPER.  just the small ones will work great.  When you're finished, let the drops dry, and reuse it!  One plate should last almost six months! Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. --

Next was the right hand.  I did the exact same thing only instead of a black dot as the largest, I used white.  I then went over both hands with another coat of OPI NEOF, and finished it with a coat of Seche Vite.   Naturally, my left hand looks better (in my opinion) than my right, as using the dotting tools is still a new thing for me, but still, it came out really cool, I think:

Believe it or not, it was very hard to photograph these.  The sun kept adding more dots!  I'm not a big fan of the popular matte finished polishes out there, but it may well be worth a try when playing with dots!  

Now, I am itching to try the liner brushes... 

Until  next time, 

Stay polished and thanks for reading!


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